Looking Back at 2014



Looking back over the year is always fun. It was productive. Indie Publishing encourages finishing books at a rapid pace and some of my readers keep pushing me along. I hope you like the results!

For fiction authors, finding your true fans, people who really love what you do and the way you do it, is difficult and takes time. This year, many of you found my books and let me know how much you enjoyed them. That means a great deal and I thank everyone who took a chance on my books and liked them and let me know by email or in reviews left on the page where they bought the book. Reviews can help more readers find the books because Amazon will elevate heavily reviewed books over the rest. If you are able to leave a few honest words on the page, I can’t thank you enough.


2014 Book Releases:



January: The novel length version of The Lady in Yellow came out and has sold very well! This was one of those stories that almost wrote itself, a wonderful thing when it happens.


March: The Haunted Garden: Secret of the Memento Mori. This has been a novella called Memento Mori and is a bit more literary in style. Some people like this sort of thing with all the art history and plague history and ghosts, others don’t get it. I’ve always called this book my problem child, but I love it.



October: The Shadows: A YA Paranormal Thriller was released in time for Halloween.  This one has series potential. I am already planning a sequel tentatively called Taller Than Our Souls at the end of  2015 if all goes well.

Works in Progress

Custom Book Cover FONT Alyne Official


Over the Summer, I wrote the first draft of Dark Reliquary: Prelude to Roses of the Moon. This will be a big book, a dark epic fantasy of Vampire Queens, the bloodline of Lady Mara in Roses of the Moon.


I also wrote the first draft of Song of the Sea and Starlight: A Celtic Tale of the Selkie. This was meant to be a short story but the beta readers pushed it into novella territory and now I know it will be a novel. It has lots of layers.  Its the Dark Fantasy of a Scottish lady and her small daughters as they try to survive on a remote island where they are stranded during the 13th century Wars for Scottish Independence. In her misery,, the rather spoiled and materialistic Lady Rowan is visited by a mysterious ship and its alluring captain, who turns out to be a Selkie….

Both of these are planned to be  finished in 2015.



Above is the untitled cover for the next Poppy Farrell Mystery— Taller Than Our Souls from Led Zeppelin’s great song. Stairway to Heaven.


I am finishing a first draft of Sovay.  The rather lame plot description on the previous post has been replaced by far more interesting twists and turns. Its highly atmospheric and strange. I will offer it FREE to fans of The Lady in Yellow-–it has spoilers—and hope you will enjoy it as a New Year gift.

I was shooting for Christmas -but I always underestimate how long these things take to write…

And I am also working on The Vampire’s Bride, sequel to The Vampire’s Mirror. The plan is to follow the mirror through time and vampires. If I tell the plot here, it will be a spoiler for The Vampire’s Mirror,  but it will be the same lead characters 60 years later, one old and one still very young…. This will be a novella.

Short stories and novellas can really save an authors sanity, so I hope you like them. I want to keep the Vampire’s Mirror books relatively short.

For my full list, click the BOOKS tab or this link. My first novel, Dark Fantasy, Roses of the Moon, was published right before New Year 2012—so I consider it a 2013 book. The short stories went out as e-books in 2012 to test the waters of this Indie Publishing thing. It has been quite a trip!


La Morte

The end is nigh….


Special Story for Fans of The Lady in Yellow!



Those of you who have read my Victorian Gothic Romance, The Lady in Yellow, know there is a back story about the twins’ mysterious mother, Lady Sovay. Her’s is a very strange story: an aristocratic French girl, Sovay, who comes from a family of occultists. She is plagued by unsuitable suitors, until she meets the handsome Rafe de Grimston at a gathering in the Chateau Villanueve and falls in love with him. Other guests arrive who raise suspicions, if not hackles: Monsieur Gaston and his ward, Odile, who looks like Sovay’s late Aunt Seraphine, a witch who vanished while in trance at a seance.

An ancient family curse is reignited that night as the ruined church on the hill burns, and Odile walks into the fire…

To offer this book online would spoil many of the mysteries and surprises in The Lady in Yellow. But for those who have already read it, it will satisfy their curiosity.

If you would like an exclusive copy of this story, Sovay,  delivered to your inbox, sign up for my mailing list below!


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The Book of UnHoly Beasts

In The Lady in Yellow, Rafe gives Veronica an ancient, Medieval tome,

The Book of Unholy Beasts.


The book is a compendium of mythical creatures… including the one special to the de Grimstons…along with descriptions of them and their legends.  I was thinking of approaching an artist friend of mine to make this book and have it available to fans of The Lady in Yellow. It may happen someday, but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share some of these antique images from actual Medieval illuminated manuscripts.


Various UnGodly Creatures including a Wildman



Strange Unnatural Creatures, Dragon, Unicorn, Oliphant and Foreigners



Domestic Cats


Wolves and Wolfman


Manticore: Head of a Man, body of a Lion










Side Story: The Wolf of Chazes who was tried in a French court for murder. Thus are legends made.


Our ancestors really belived this stuff. Its possible that some of these weird creatures were real, created in the labratories of lost Atlantis. Who knows for sure?




Interview on Gothic Romance Reviews!

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Miss Stacy at her wonderful blog, Gothic Romance Reviews, has given The Lady in Yellow a fabulous 5 star review

and just below that

There is an Interview with Me.

Check it here if you like: http://gothicromancereviews.blogspot.com/

If you love Gothic Fiction, you will love Stacy’s blog. She does lots of reviews of vintage Gothics and new titles and I think she has really good taste… if I do say so myself.






I am Really Sorry!

The Lady in Yellow was supposed to be available for 99 cents until November 4th.

I don’t know what poessessed me, but I got the days mixed up and took it off early evening on the 3rd.

Good grief!

It wasn’t even a Mercury retrograde!

So in order to make it up to you, I am going to set The Lady in Yellow at 99c —down from $3.99.

for the resto f this wek and to the weekend, plus The Haunted Garden: Secret of the Memento Mori at 99 censt down from $2.99.

All on Amazon.





Sale will end Saturday, November 8, 2014.

Its on Now!

Thanks for Understanding…..