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At last! The luck of the draw gets a book to Nancy Hammons! I hope she enjoys it and is not too shocked to see what a doorstopper it is. Kindles and other e-readers are so decieving. You can hide thousands of pages inside these tiny gadgets and have no idea how much you’ve read.  But just think—-with a Kindle, you can prop up the short leg the table with War and Peace!



I went into 2015 thinking of all the books I would finish, and how quickly, since I have 5 first drafts to work on. But things have slowed down this year. Life has interverned—not least, the need to take care of a health issue that requires several chiropractic ajustments per week and lots of exercise. The good news is that I am recovering very well and hope to get my time and energy back soon, and get these books done for you.

All is not lost, though. Having these first drafts means that when the new books do come out, they will come out fairly shortly behind each other. The first will probably be the Selkie story as it closest to being done. I was thinking of writing 2 of these books, but plan to just write the one now so I can focus on potentially popular series, like the Poppy Farrell Mysteries.

The second Poppy Farrell Mystery, Taller Than Our Souls, will probably be next because of high reader interest. It’s a weird one with Elizabethan magic, a haunted lake, and a black house on the grounds of the boy’s boarding school, Bogg’s House. It may be a bit erudite for YA, but who says teenagers can’t enjoy a bit of history? Think of some of the material Deborah Harkness uses in A Discovery of Witches. 



The Sovay book will vie for completion with The Vampire’s Bride whch is meant to be a novella and may still succeed in staying short. If it does it will win the race to publication. I want to see if this series of erotic vampire novellas will take off. I may hold it back until I have a few written, then set them loose in 2016. We shall see how the cookie crumbles.

Dark Reliquary will be last. It will have to double in size, making it another 100,000 word book.  The story is extremely powerful and dark. Think Game of Thrones with vampires. I really want to develop this book. It has tons of potential.

A side effect of recovering from my injuries is that my mood has lightened up and I am finding it difficult to go to the very dark  emotional space that Dark Reliquary requires. I used to be a actress, and I write like a Method actor in that I must really sink into the scenes and experience the deep emotions they call for in order for the characters to come alive on the page. I just can’t go there at the moment.

I’m sure this newfound happiness is only temporary—so do not despair! I will not change to writing Romantic comedies—-yet.

We can inhabit all realms….good and bad. lol!

Romance pays well.

But, hey! Who needs money?

I’ll be working toward getting The Shadows into print and onto other platforms as well, this year. I can’t believe we’re pushing the end of March already! Look for the a book this spring and the rest in the last 2 quarters of 2015.



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Getting my first book inot print took a long time, mainly because of formatting issues and the painstaking task of catching and eradicating all those pesky typoes. After two more rounds of edits, and my own comb-through, the copy of this much beleaguered, yet steadily selling, book should be 100% clean!

Glad that’s over.

The Lady is a real doorstopper at around 600 pages. I had no idea it was so long! The cover, front and back looks great thanks to Joy Silesen at Indie Author Services.

For readers of The Lady in Yellow, the spin-off, backstory about Sovay is turning into a larger project than i anticipated. I ran into a bit of snag with the first draft as well, but it is in the pipleine. I will keep you all posted and, of course, will have it FREE for fans of The Lady in Yellow.



A note on the Wicked color Yellow:

“The color of The Yellow Book was an appropriate reflection of the ‘Yellow Nineties,” a decade in which Victorianism was giving way among the fashionable to Regency attitudes and French influences; For yellow was not only the decor of the notorious and dandified pre-Victorian Regency, but also of the allegedly wicked and decadent French novel” (Weintraub, 99).

The Lady in Yellow is a werewolf story inspired by the mural from Chateua Villaneuve in France  that depicts a lady with long golden hair and dressed in a Medeival gown, clutched in the jaws of an enormous wolf. The look on her face is not one of fear, but of coy sediuction. Legend has it that this lady of the chateau had been a flagrant libertine. In French lore, as we find in the fairy tales like Red Riding Hood, and even in the Lais of Marie de France, the wolf symbolizes a perpetually prowling, sexually seductive male. That this lady in the mural seems to enjoy the wolf’s poessession of her, suggests that this mural is about sexual excess. The murals on the walls around this image show devils and demons and what looks like a magician at his smoky altar. The entire series gives of the stench of sulfur, the yellow fumes of devil worship.

All of these themes have crept into The Lady in Yellow, giving this Gothic Romance, and there is a romance at the center, its creepy occult-laden underground stream.

The color yellow is not significant just because the murals were painted mostly in yellow pigments, but because, in certain contaxts, yellow has some untoward associations.

We have the yellow of sulfur, a mineral connected to the Devil, to fire and brimstone, and the sufulous fumes of Hell.

Yellow Journalism: News stories of a titiilating and scandalous nature.

Yellow is the color of gold, symbolizing wealth and corruption

In Victorian times: London’s infernal yellow fog….

The 1890s were tagged The Yellow Nineties by a London bookseller who filled his front window with French novels (scandalous!) that all had yellow covers. This isnpired the artist, Aubrey Beardsley and Ocasr Wilde to produce a magaizine called The Yellow Book.


“Holbrook Jackson, describing the impact of The Yellow Book, explained: “It was newness in excelsis: novelty naked and unashamed. People were puzzled and shocked and delighted, and yellow became the colour of the hour, the symbol of the time-spirit. It was associated with all that was bizarre and queer in art and life, with all that was outrageously modern.”

So, you see, its not all sunshine an tea roses, the color yellow. it’s actually not very nice. Diabolical. Wicked. Like the lady in my book, The Lady in Yellow.



Here we have the suggestion of Chinese influence which meant, in Vistorian England, the influence of opium. Many poets such as Baeudelaire and Coleridge were reputed to have written their works under its mind-altering spell.

If you can think of any more associations with the color yellow, feel free to comment!


The Shadows Still FREE January 10-13!



The first Poppy Farrel Mystery is FREE January 10-13 NOW!

Go here to get a copy!

There’s a nice review of The Shadows on Goodreads:


And don’t forget to check out my interview with Miss Stacy at Gothic Romance Reviews: Interview !

If this book sells well and gets lots of reviews, in other words: if you want it, I will focus on the second Poppy Farrell Mystery, Taller Than Our Souls, for 2015.



2015—Don’t Make My Head Hurt!



I say this because in my quest to write two short stories, one for the Dominion of Dreams collection and one for fans of The Lady in Yellow, I began stories that are so multi-layered, and the characters are so compelling, that they have to be developed into novels.

I have 5 of these. Unlike some Indie Authors, I have a B-type personality and can only write a new book every 3-4 months if all goes well. I wish had some that Alpha juice, but I realize every day that I don’t.

The battle for power between Dragon Queens in ancient Hungary, a Scottish noblewoman lost at sea who comes under the spell of a Selkie, a woman  who wakes in the bedchamber of the most powerful vampire who ever lived and finds herself unable to escape, an ancient bestial family curse is re-ignited with dire consequences , four British teenagers confront the mysteries of the House of Silence and the School of Night.


These themes are woven of strands of light and shadow, secret and forgotten histories that carry you into realms you might wish you had never entered…..but you do because you cannot resist the weaver’s spell…. and you’re not scared, are you?

Dark Reliquary may take all year.

Song of the Sea and Starlight could go faster now, but it needs a drop-dead cover to entice readers to such an unusual story.

The Vampire’s Bride may take a couple of months.

Sovay–-I wanted to have this out by now, but it is going too deep. Still, if it would wrap up by the end of February, I will get free copies to fans of The Lady in Yellow.

The second Poppy Farrell mystery, Taller Than Our Souls will go last and will hopefully write itself like The Shadows did.

Shall I chain myself to my word processor? I might have to.


The Shadows will be FREE from January 9-13th!!!


“Don’t go! Don’t go to Blight’s Academy!”

From the moment she enters the hallowed halls of her new boarding school, Blight’s Academy, teenage sleuth, Poppy Farrell, finds danger. From a strange encounter on a train platform, to evidence of a murdered student in the woods that surround the ancient, Gothic buildings, life at Blight’s Academy grows more menacing by the day.

Poppy and her friends, Clair and Georgie, must outwit their Shadows, older girls assigned to mentor them, but who coldly follow them wherever they go. There is a dark secret at the heart of Blight’s Academy: disappearances, deaths, and conspiracies pervade the wooded grounds, flicker in the stained glass windows, tinkle like a music box lullaby through the turreted halls…

Now I have to move a few 2014 projects to the 2015 folder. Jeeze!