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42 thoughts on “Your Page

  1. although Arden and Leezure – tymme are the ideas of some others i have embellished them to perfection and as the foundress of one ‘state of mind’ asserted everything went wrong at the time of the ‘protest movements’ which doesn’t mean WE are intollerant, dissenters are encouraged and given a rostrum. There are no taxes and the civil service consists of a hygeine inspectorate and a weights and measures inspectorate. In the temporal realm we are ruled by a fabulous Queene our celestial radiance Her Sublime Majesty ‘Sufeetah the Great’.

  2. in Arden,the Ladies meet in the Common room as were in Oxford/Cambridge not chat rooms as in computer talk. Ladies never lower their standards of etiquette. The wall portrait is of Queene Victoria as Elizabeth has not ascended the throne yet.

    in Leezure thyme there is a flourishing fringe culture of Bohemmian/beatnik type activity for students who ‘grow out of it’ on reching adulthood

  3. Hi, we met years ago in Seattle. I am teaching a course on Monsters and Modernity, doing research on pop culture and werewolves and really interested in your indie approach to Neo-gothic. Perhaps we could talk via email?

  4. Please allow me to remark on the latest banner imagery for ‘My mysterious domain’. There is a lot of symbolism featured here and the focal point obviously the woman, she is beguiling and i would venture to say of strong character. Not ordinary ‘persona’.

  5. Alyne
    i hope you keep the headline banner for Winterspells permanently as i am fascinated by the Lady’s mystique. Hope you don’t think i ‘get off’ on her but it adds interest to the lay out
    ian r

  6. i saw the ornate spiral staircase that would be suitable for the Gothic library of Alyne de Winter however two such sets would be ideal
    One for ascent the other descent

  7. The Harpenden Choral Society in Hertfordshire are performing
    a symphony Dvorke’s Te Deum the bride of the spectre

    sweet dreams
    ian r

  8. Majid

    with regard to burning of books
    those ‘self help’ books turned out by mass production
    can you spare me a box of matches?

    ian r

  9. Magid

    What is Goth fiction?
    Majid i beseech you to allow my interpretation of the genre
    a curious amalgamation of horror and romance blended
    with the supernatural (may be) but never pertaining to the

    ian r

  10. Hello! I´m… call me Rose. I love Gothic Romanticism and write for my own fun. I hope to get my hands to your writings, your blog is delicious.

  11. When i was very young, hearing my first fairy stories, I discovered that magikal miracle – the three wishes.
    I decided that if some otherworldly being should approach offering those wishes to me, then I would have a strategy.
    I would ask, for my first wish, for no restriction to be placed upon the number of wishes which would be granted to me from that time onward.
    I think the message must have got out to all the sprites, goblins, dragons, fairies and genii stuck in bottles, because not one of those ethereal beings ever appeared to me to make that good offer.
    They do say, (whoever THEY are) be careful of what you wish for, you might just get it.
    sandgroan recently posted..A Salute from SandgroanMy Profile

  12. hi arlene i din’t know about this website and read about your struggle. i am glad for you that you are doing better and it transpires through the way you write; it seems a lot more aligned with yourself. all the best!

  13. We’ve recently had articles in the daily newspapers concerning research by university professors (Durham and Lisbon) concerning the fairy tales we learned of as children may actually have originated up to 6000 years ago having been handed down the generations by ‘word of mouth’ and deriving from Indo- European languages of antiquity. I can actually go along with this premise, up to a point. Nursery rhymns for children however are more modern,for example Humpty Dumpty was actually cannon whilst London bridge is falling down My fair Lady, Oranges & lemmons may be as recent as Victorian tymes.

    • Hi Ian!
      Nice to hear form you. That is very interesting stuff. If you want to write a guest post about it or send the links, it would be great topic fro the blog. I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for being a good friend.

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