Works in Progress Update: January 28, 2014



As I clean the house, workout, and do other chores, I listen to Self Publishing Podcast with Johnny, Sean and Dave as well Simon Whistlers’ Rocking Self Publishing podcast. Conversations on both of these shows have convinced me, that to get anywhere as an author/ publisher, I have to finish my series.

I only have one series at the moment, the one that begins with Roses of the Moon: Book One of the Dark Reliquary Series.

I have balked at getting into the world of Lady Mara and Castle Szepasszony again because it is so deep and dark and full of mythology. So I focused on a couple of stand alone books to keep the momentum going. Now I realize I’m ready to begin Book Two: The Lucifer Tree.

The Lucifer Tree is named for the tree that grwos in the center of Mara’s castle, a fort of three rings on the Mountain of the Moon in northern Hungary, called Castle Szepasszony, or The Beautiful Lady.  This tree is not only the ladder that the fallen angel, Lucifer, used to climb down to earth, but alos symbolizes the bloodline of the dragon queens descended from him. These are Lady Mara’s ancesters.

This book explores the lives of these ancestors.


In Book One, Lady Mara finds three old books that tell the stories of the dragon queens and their roles in the bloody history of the Mountain of the Moon. In book Two, as sole survivor of a great invasion by the Ottomna Turks, she finds these books again, and reads and learns the terrible secrets of her family.

At the same time, Lucifer has determind to reassemble his crown by reclaiming the six jewels embedded deep in the skulls of his witch queen daughters. He plans to set them thre on either side of his great emerald, but even he has obstacles, among them Lady Mara’s development of an eighth jewel deep isnide of her skull, that rivals the other six in power.

Lucifer wants this jewel.

In order to keep Lady Mara at Castle Szepasszony, in thrall to Lucifer’s daughters, including her mother Countess Orzsebet, Lucifer brings her true love, Szandor, back. Confused by grief, and the endles twilight that has fallen over the land, Lady Mara is easy taken over by this re-born Szandor’s charms.

This book is a powerful development of the themes in Roses of the Moon. Dark magic comes to the fore as forces of evil threaten to destroy that Lady Mara has left.  The architecture of the story is inspired by The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, in which an older story is told inside of the present one,

Morna: A Celtic Tale of the Selkies will still come out in 2014. I will need something to work on while the new draft of  The Lucifer Tree simmers on the back burner. Dominion of Dreams: Gothic Faery Tales is almost ready to go, as is Memento Mori: A Ghost Story.

After researching popular trends, I have also decided to draft a story I’ve had outlined for seven years: Daemon Lover. This is a 20th century occult thriller with international locations and lots of suspense. I had put it off becuase a pivitol scene takes place in Toldeo, Spain, and I can’t afford a reaserch trip. The other locations: London, Ireland, New York, and Salem, Massachusetts are well known to me.

So, 2014 will be a lot of work. If only I could write faster!




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