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2016 is half over and,

it would seem,

so am I…

No! So WAS I!!!! I shall return!

For those of you who have been waiting for a new book from me, here’s the scoop.

Sadly, the only book I was able to finish and publish in 2015 was Morna: A Celtic Tale of the Selkies. It is the most unusual and darkest of stories, but it was the closest to being done.  My publishing goals were upended when I was laid off from my day job and couldn’t find another. Job hunting is not as easy as it used to be and demands all of your attention. The current job hunting process couldn’t be more destructive to writers than it is here, in Seattle. The stress and the constant bombardment of job spam and downright scams is stressful to the point of absurdity and accomplishes nothing.

At least Morna made it, though promotion was impossible without the extra cash needed to do so effectively. Morna is probably my least commercial book,  but I am proud of it as a work of literature and hope it finds its readers.


I tried to keep going. I have the first draft of Dark Reliquary and good feedback about how to to expand the book it ways that will make it truly powerful. It has to give a strong push toward Roses of the Moon and on into the next two books in this series. Then I plan a fifth book based on these characters that takes place in modern times, as the protagonist returns to Hungary to uncover, and dig up, her ancestral roots. hehehehe…….(evil laugh)

Custom Book Cover Alyne Official Ebook

I began a short story, The Russian Doll, thinking I could at least get a few short pieces out. It will be included in a planned novel, Vampires on the Orient Express. I began The Vampire’s Bride and hit a snag. I re-plotted it, and I like the plot, but the words wouldn’t come. The demands of the mundane world steal creative energy from right-brain types like me. My stories demand atmosphere and my atmosphere had sunk to a type of survival mode that drives the Muse away. Or perhaps drains her like a vampire. Hmmm….. Vampires…


 Taller Than Our Souls has a new plot involving a conspiracy around Egyptian magic and the mummies in the British Museum for Poppy to solve. The other Poppy Farrell plot will go under the title: A Lady We All Know. All these titles are lyrics from Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. They reflect the occult themes that Poppy explores in her books.

Wolves, Wolves and More Wolves…

Rosewolf is making a huge comeback in my imagination–so that will resurrect as well. Rose Tamlyn won’t let me go! The Muse likes this story a lot, it seems, so I look forward to the re-vision of my teenage werewolf.


Also Sovay is in first draft and should go fairly smoothly. I was finding it hard to write the ending. It got long as well. Originally it was meant to be a short story or novella, a back story for readers of The Lady in Yellow. But it is a novel now and very weird one at that.

So, you see many irons on the fire.  Once things stabilize, I will hit the keyboard with a vengeance. These new books will be worth the wait, for they’ve had plenty of percolating time. The plot snags a getting combed out. The subconscious mind works on them constantly even if I don’t touch the keyboard. Just like Magic!

2015 is half over! I suppose it time for an update!



AlyneDeWinter_TallerThanOurSouls I have five first drafts so all is not lost. FIRST: The Twilight Sea: A Celtic Tale of the Selkies was meant to be a short story but it mushroomed into a novel with a sequel. It is the closest to completion so will be out in June, 2015. Better late than never, so they say…. NEXT: The long delayed Sovay: Prequel to The Lady in Yellow. This book is next closest to completion. It tells the story of the Lady in Yellow herself. It is High Gothic, very dark and not quite as romantic as the Lady. It tells the story of Rafe’s courtship to Sovay and the secret she can never tell. THEN: The Vampire’s Bride: Book 2 from the Secret Books of Dracul This is a sequel to The Vampire’s Mirror. I plan a few more of these…pray I pick up momentum again soon! It tells the story of Analise as she finds herself in Castle Drag, waking in the vampire’s bed. This is next because it is a novella. I hit a plot snag so put it aside for a while. This happens. I am trying to get books out before the end of 2015. By December: Taller Than Our Souls: A Poppy Farrell Mystery I thought this book would be easier to write than it had been. I hit a snag and have to puzzle some things out because there are more characters involved as Poppy is joined by Clair, Tom and Rupert to uncover the mysteries at Bogg’s House. Its a deeper plot than The Shadows, but very intriguing, I think.  There are three sinister houses: The House of Tears, The School of Night and the House of Silence, and a black mirror called the Oculus that had once belonged to John Dee. Then Dark Reliquary!!!! Prequel to The Roses of the Moon. No plot snags here, just the need for deep and dark emotional involvement that I have been to happy to immerse myself in. I’ll be back though! This book will be great though, if I do say so myself. Real scary vampires and deep mythology on the Mountain of the Moon. Custom Book Cover FONT Alyne Official I am working on an erotica series The Scarlet Palace that I plan to publish under another pen name because its pretty sexy stuff. Its fun though and can cross several genres as Tina Polski survives WWIII and crosses the wasteland in a Gypsy caravan, a mobile whorehouse that can set anywhere and show you a good time.


New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to let you all know what I have planned for 2014. If you want to be kept informed of my progress, this is the place to come. First up is to complete the projects I had wanted to finish by the end of 2013. I really did try to have The Lady in Yellow ready before Christmas and to have Memento Mori finished by New Year’s Day, but it was not meant to be. One must decide sometimes—do I send out a book that could be great just to get it out there, or do I make sure the book is a great as I can make it and take the etra time. Because I aspire to go down in history, I opted for the extra time.

Here are the books coming out in Early 2014: That were supposed to come out in 2013….ooops!

Click these titles for a deeper look at these books:


OUT January 6, 2014!

When young Veronica Everly takes a position as governess to a pair of identical twins, she did not expect to fall in love with her handsome employer, Rafe de Grimston, or to find herself embroiled in an evil family curse.  She must make an agonizing choice when Rafe makes her promise to redeem them all, and uncover the mystery of the lady in yellow.

The Lady in Yellow

Dominion of Dreams-1

Four Short Stories and two Novelettes inspired by traditional fairy tales. Written for adults, these re-tellings explore the dark side of the stories we learned by heart as children. Meet werewolves, selkies, enchanted dolls, sorceresses, zombies… all are assembled for your bedtime reading pleasure.

Dominion of Dreams: Gothic Faery Tales

MementoMori03 copy

Memento Mori: A Ghost Story

In 1666, the Black Death swept through a tiny English village of Whynnesmere and killed all of its inhabitants. In 1966, art student, Simon Beaumont  wanders into the haunted village. There he meets the beautiful witch, Lara, who takes him on a journey of self discovery. Together, they revisit the past to unravel the mystery of a ghostly bride and her strange wedding gift: the Memento Mori. In the process they also find out who Simon really is…and was.

May the Real 2014 Books Come Forth—on time please!

Dark Reliquary: Prequel to Roses of the Moon

Meet Countess Anastasia, a Dragon Queen at the end of her reign of terror at Castle Szepasszony in a mythical ancient Hungary. This bit of backstory, planned to be a novella that delves deeper into the world of the Dark Reliquary Series, will be offered FREE on all web platforms while I work on the sequel to Roses of the Moon. This series is very deep and dark and therefore takes lots of time to write. It is hoped that Dark Reliquary will be enough to tide readers over in the meantime. This story is Gothically intense, scary and full of magic and treachery as the vampire Anastasia meets her demise, paving the way for the arrival of the Countess Orzsebet.

The Shadows

Fourteen year old Poppy Farrel, lover of True Crime, begins her first year at Blight’s Academy, a posh girl’s boarding school deep in the English countryside, already primed for mysterious goings-on and the possibility of murder.  She and her roommate, the psychically senstive Claire, are slowly drawn in to a sinster world dominated by their Shadows, senior girls who are meant to be mentors, but who turn out to be spies and so much more…. Morna-1

Morna: A Celtic Tale of the Selkies

Two long short stories brought together as a novella about an ancient Scottish family whose mother, Lady Rowan, bears a child to a Selkie, a seal who becomes a man in oder to procreate his species. The Selkie haunts Lady Rowan, demanding she give up the boy child, Lyr, to live under the sea with his father. Though the father of  Rowan’s next child is her husband, Lord Hugh, the child, Morna, is born with the power of the selkies and finds great love with one of their race. What will she do when, kidnapped by her father’s enemy, she longs to return to her true love in the sea?

The nice thing about being an Indie, is that I have no one standing over me.

If I miss a dealine, I have only myself to beat me up about it. Some day I hope to have readers to do that for me, but for now…..? Since The Shadows has been in first draft for over a year and Dark Reliquary is half way there as is Morna—it should be possible to have these out be the end of 2014 if not well before. In between all of this, I plan to work hard on the sequel to Roses of the Moon. Working title: The Lucifer Tree. If there is one thing I hope I’ve learned during my first year as an Indie Author and Publisher, is to be more organized and write faster. Into the fray! Hajrá!   Subscribe to my Newsletter to keep right up to date with the progress of these books and be notified on launch!

Click for Update: January 28, 2014!

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