Winner of Signed Paperback of The Lady on Yellow and More…



At last! The luck of the draw gets a book to Nancy Hammons! I hope she enjoys it and is not too shocked to see what a doorstopper it is. Kindles and other e-readers are so decieving. You can hide thousands of pages inside these tiny gadgets and have no idea how much you’ve read.  But just think—-with a Kindle, you can prop up the short leg the table with War and Peace!



I went into 2015 thinking of all the books I would finish, and how quickly, since I have 5 first drafts to work on. But things have slowed down this year. Life has interverned—not least, the need to take care of a health issue that requires several chiropractic ajustments per week and lots of exercise. The good news is that I am recovering very well and hope to get my time and energy back soon, and get these books done for you.

All is not lost, though. Having these first drafts means that when the new books do come out, they will come out fairly shortly behind each other. The first will probably be the Selkie story as it closest to being done. I was thinking of writing 2 of these books, but plan to just write the one now so I can focus on potentially popular series, like the Poppy Farrell Mysteries.

The second Poppy Farrell Mystery, Taller Than Our Souls, will probably be next because of high reader interest. It’s a weird one with Elizabethan magic, a haunted lake, and a black house on the grounds of the boy’s boarding school, Bogg’s House. It may be a bit erudite for YA, but who says teenagers can’t enjoy a bit of history? Think of some of the material Deborah Harkness uses in A Discovery of Witches. 



The Sovay book will vie for completion with The Vampire’s Bride whch is meant to be a novella and may still succeed in staying short. If it does it will win the race to publication. I want to see if this series of erotic vampire novellas will take off. I may hold it back until I have a few written, then set them loose in 2016. We shall see how the cookie crumbles.

Dark Reliquary will be last. It will have to double in size, making it another 100,000 word book.  The story is extremely powerful and dark. Think Game of Thrones with vampires. I really want to develop this book. It has tons of potential.

A side effect of recovering from my injuries is that my mood has lightened up and I am finding it difficult to go to the very dark  emotional space that Dark Reliquary requires. I used to be a actress, and I write like a Method actor in that I must really sink into the scenes and experience the deep emotions they call for in order for the characters to come alive on the page. I just can’t go there at the moment.

I’m sure this newfound happiness is only temporary—so do not despair! I will not change to writing Romantic comedies—-yet.

We can inhabit all realms….good and bad. lol!

Romance pays well.

But, hey! Who needs money?

I’ll be working toward getting The Shadows into print and onto other platforms as well, this year. I can’t believe we’re pushing the end of March already! Look for the a book this spring and the rest in the last 2 quarters of 2015.