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This Library will eventually be filled with whatever information I can create or can find to help you with your literary goals. Patience. The candle only burns at one end.


I love the tradition of the writer becoming know for short stories, then evolving to full time novelist. Short stories are the grandmothers of fiction. They allow readers to discover writers they like without the heavy investment of time reading a novel. Both Duotrope and Ralans offer comprehensive lists of who is looking for what in the short fiction and essay world.


Duotrope is a weekly newsletter listing publishing opportunities for writers, primarily for short stories and essays for major and minor publications. Some pay professional rates, other pay token amounts, in copies, or not at all. The themed submissions have inspired some of my best short stories, suggesting ideas I wouldn’t have thought of by myself.

This fabulous resource used to be free, but has changed to paid subscription.  Its worth it, especially if you are just starting out and want to get your work out there. Their weekly newsletter will come right to your email in box. All genres are represented.

Duotrope offers a Free 7 day trial, then $5 per month or $50 for a full year.


Ralan is a large website that has been around for  a long time and won 3 Bram Stoker Awards! So they like out kind of stories.

Here is their Statement of Purpose:

Tis web site is about speculative fiction writing—mine and yours. It all started in 1994, to promote and find markets for my work, organize writing links, and get them out on the new-fangeled Internet. As this web site grew, I began to share what I had with other writers who, like myself, might be in a place where finding markets was difficult. Pretty soon these other writers started helping me right back, pointing out new markets and noting changes in listed ones. That two-way interaction continues. Today there are other e-places to find writing markets and links, but thanks to many of you, this is still the most up-to-date within its field of focus.
Tanks for stopping by,   Ralan

Find paid markets for stories, novels and novelettes, poetry and even video. They  have a free weekly newsletter, run contests and also help with marketing.



Thanks to Lady Dhariyah for image


The Creative Penn

Author/ Entrepreneur Joanna Penn has so many resources on her site you can lose many hours reading from it.

I listen to her Podcast Interviews with Authors, Publishers, Marketers and other Influencers.

They are invaluable!

Simon Whister’s Rocking Self Publishing

Go here for fantastic Author Interviews via podcast

A fabulous 2 hour tutorial on How to Build a Website like this one!

Self Publishing Podcast

Lots of useful information from the boys who have done it fast!

Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, David Wright.

Silly, fun, informative.

I watch on Youtube, but they have a blog at

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