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Here in the Gothic Library I will post reviews of books, movies websites and art, old and new, that fall into the wide-ranging genre called Gothic.  I hope to rekindle a memory of what a fabulous genre this is.

As a child I walked up steps such as these into the vaults of libraries housed in my hictoric home town and later in colleges and universites. When in a large, I always visit the library: Boston, London, Paris–even though I can’t read the books. I just love being around shalves and shelves of books. Perusing the titles, I am on a journey of discovery, finding things that most bookstores have never seen, old books, beautiful books, sometimes magical ones.

My plan is to publish a review here once a month. I may embed a film or post an interview with others of out ilk. I will also the odd review of books that helped my hone my craft or grow my publishing buisness.

So, please enter. Have a goblet of red wine. In time, you will have much to browse through.

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Images: Lady Dhariyah



Night Visions: In the Blood— A Review

Black Sunday, 1960, Full Movie: Barbara Steele

The Long Hair of Death, 1964, Full Movie: Barbara Steele

Nightmares! The Birth of Vicrorian Horror: Dracula

The Chamgeling, 1980, Full Movie: George C. Scott

13 Books That Made Me Want to Write

Blood and Roses, 1960: A Romantic Vampire Film

3 thoughts on “Gothic Library

  1. Majid

    i greatly admire the new banner imagery at the top of this site
    She is provocative, surreal, beguiling and dangerous!

    ian r

  2. I just love it, when it’s a “stay indoors” kind of day and you’ve got a wonderful book open and you’re lost in world of excitement, thought and reflection.

    • Thank you! I’ll be adding to the Gothic Library. I’m careful what I add on there. It has to be good. If it’s my books you’re talking about, I hope they are the perfect rainy day read.

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