The Vampire’s Mirror: Book One

The Vampire’s Mirror: Book One
Genres: Gothic Horror, Historical Fiction, Novelette
ISBN: 0095
Ranked #1 in Horror, #2 in Gothic Romance! "The mirror possesses me." Analise whispered... Transylvania, 1580 One hundred years after the death of Vlad Dracule... When young nobleman, Stefan stumbles on the ruins of Castle Drag, he ignores the advice of his friends not to enter, and finds an ornate, golden hand mirror lying in the grass. Dazzled by the beauty of the dragon-ish designs, he takes the mirror home as a gift for his fiancé, Lady Analise, a woman whose beauty calls forth an ancient evil that will not be denied.
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About the Book

5 Star Reviews for The Vampire’s Mirror!

An Old Fashioned Vampire Story:

“The mirror possesses me.” Analise whispered…

Indeed, it does possess her. It all begins when a young nobleman, Stefan, enters the grounds of a cursed castle and picks up a mirror and comb. Unknown to him, they belonged to the Lady of Castel Drag, who died long ago. When Stefan gives the mirror to his betrothed, Lady Analise, she falls under the spell of the Lord of Castel Drag, the husband of the woman who owned the mirror and comb. A man, who became an evil creature when he returned from the war to find his wife dead. He now feeds on the blood of others. When Analise peers into the mirror, the Lord of Castel Drag is able to see her and she reminds him of his long dead wife.

This is a gothic style tale one that could have sprung from the Victorian age. A truly, old fashioned Vampire story. Though it has romance elements, it is not a romance, but I think most romance readers will like it. Smoothly written with a Victorian flair. The descriptions are exquisite, even poetic. It’s a short novella that can easily be finished in just a couple of hours”

Simply Magical, Another Place and Time

“You will find yourself transported to another place and time. The imagery is stunning, dark and foreboding. The atmosphere creepy and sinister. Romance flows from the beauty of her words. A very sinister mirror takes control and pulls and tugs on the characters–whose owner has very evil intentions.

If you enjoyed the stories of Dracula and the Dark Shadows TV shows, you will love this story….”

Read Slowly and Savor Every Exquisite Phrase

“The author has created a magical story in The Vampire’s Mirror, painted brightly with scenes of Gothic castles, tapestries and jewels. You can see, smell, hear, and feel every fiber of the story with the magical descriptions of places and people. The ancient phrases and descriptions drag you from the present and place you inside the story, in the moment with every character…”


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