The Lady in Yellow: Victorian Gothic Paranormal Suspense

The Lady in Yellow: Victorian Gothic Paranormal Suspense
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Genres: Gothic Horror, Gothic Mystery and Suspense, Gothic Romance, Historical Fiction, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: House of Winterspells Gothic
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 101500365165
A Novel of Gothic Mystery and Supernatural Suspense! You’ve heard of the Woman in White and the Woman in Black, now meet The Lady in Yellow! Approaching her nineteenth birthday, Veronica Everly is on a train heading to a stately home in the wilds of Yorkshire to take on her first job as governess to two motherless children, Jacques and Jacqueline, twins so identical that together they are called "Jack". The secretive nature of the housekeeper, Mrs. Twig, strange books in the library, and the increasingly weird, disturbing antics of the twins bring up Veronica's deepest fears. But when she meets the twins' father, the dark, handsome and stormy Rafe de Grimston, her fate seems sealed. Belden House is full of mysteries. An unseen bell tolls, wolves prowl the grounds, and under the full moon, a lady appears in a yellow gown whose eyes run red with blood. There is a curse on Belden House that drives Rafe de Grimston to despair. It has something to do with the old church in the forest, Saint Lupine's. It has even more to do with the lady in yellow. ...
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About the Book


By Rachel
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This is a little like The Others meets Rose Red and Dark Shadows, set in a mansion supposed to rival the Vanderbilts. A classic gothic supernatural story. Suspenseful without blood and gore, and romantic without graphic or explicit details, and a page-turner to the n-th degree if you like the eerie, suggestive, suspense of evil lurking in the shadows. I found myself double checking my doors while reading at home alone at night. A most surprising find. I wanted to read it as soon as I found it, and was hooked by the end of the first chapter.
5.0 out of 5 stars you’ll like this book July 25, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
If you’re looking for mystery and suspense, you’ll like this book. Set in the Victorian period, the main character, Veronica Everly, takes the position of governess to twins in the wild Yorkshire countryside. From the beginning, you get the sense that something is not right at Belden House. The twins are quite odd, macabre even, as is their father, the enigmatic Rafe de Grimston, whom Veronica finds herself attracted to even as she fights her attraction. His wife died two years ago under mysterious circumstances and he now appears to be involved with a mysterious lady from France. If you like gothics, The Lady in Yellow has the spooky setting and mystery of a gothic novel, plus a paranormal twist!
5.0 out of 5 stars Don’t Miss This One September 27, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Written in the tradition of literature’s Jane Eyre, The Lady in Yellow stands out among the many Gothic novels in the genre. With a fresh twist on a timeless tale, the decadence of this Victorian story starts with the cover art that captivates. From page one the author’s mastery of prose excites, hints that a magical world is about to unfold one delicious page at a time. Readers take heed: this is not an ordinary run-of-the mill tale with a weak heroine that cowers in the face of danger. This story is bold and exciting and quite frankly, difficult to cast aside for any length of time. I took my Kindle everywhere I might be able to snag a few moments to read. Twists and turns, werewolves, vampires, and ghosts intertwine in a creepy English locale. The Lady in Yellow is fantastical tale of the occult, a journey some may prefer not to take. But for those who dare to take a chance on a unique tale, the ride is sweet, suspenseful and immensely satisfying along the way.

Excellent Read March 25, 2014

Format:Kindle Edition
Loved this book. It was reminiscent of the darker fairy tales by Brothers Grimm -a gothic extravaganza that kept me reading well into the night. Highly recommended.
5.0 out of 5 stars Jane Eyre with werewolves!! Yum!!! February 1, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
Well, Veronica is not really Jane Eyre, but like Jane, she is a friendless, gentle, orphaned girl brought up in harsh surroundings and forced by poverty into the role of governess in the household of a handsome, brooding widower on the lonely moors of 19th century England. The Lady in Yellow is a wonderful, deeply satisfying story of loss, faith, and redemptive love. It is both gothic love story for the modern reader, and gothic mystery, with a bit of fairytale and a dose of horror. I would expect nothing less of this writer. And yes, there are werewolves, in a richly imaginative Grimm-like unfolding of innocence coming to terms with dark forces. The story revolves around a naive and lovely but somewhat gauche young woman, Veronica Everly, who arrives at Belden House on the moors of Yorkshire to take up employment as a governess for twin eight year olds, with her few meagre dresses, and a heart full with sad memories but also hope. In her dove grey wool and scrubbed hand-me-down dresses, Veronica feels invisible as a wren in the presence of the polished, larger-than-life Rafe de Grimston, who is obviously mourning the death of his stunningly beautiful wife who loved to dress in yellow. A series of strange and disturbing glimpes into the mysteries surrounding Veronica’s employer, the twins, and the late Lady Solvay de Grimston begin to percolate, and as the plot thickens and the dark secrets of Belden House begin to come to light, the reader will find the pages almost turning themselves in the rush to find out what happens. Beautifully imagined and beautifully written, The Lady in Yellow has “classic” written all over it.
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