Roses of the Moon

Roses of the Moon
Series: Dark Reilquary, Book 1
Genres: Gothic Horror, Historical Fiction
ISBN: 005
Roses of the Moon Gothic Terror in a mythical 17th century Hungary! Secrets of the ancient Dragon Queens unearthed by a clairvoyant young Lady Mara, bring doom upon the evil court of the Countess Orzsebet.
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About the Book

Countess Dracula’s Daughter!

Roses of the Moon: A Tale of Gothic Horror
Book I: Dark Reliquary Series

Roses of the Moon takes the dark legend of Countess Erzsebet Bathory, the Bloody Countess of 17th century Royal Hungary, into the realm of Dark Fantasy. The deeply evil and enigmatic Countess Orzsebet, does what it takes to maintain her youth and beauty while her fictional daughter, Lady Mara, tells her tale of family secrets, bloodlines, and abuse of power. Descendent of the Dragon Queens of old, Countess Orzsebet maintains her dark rule through the use of sorcery, imagination and terror—-her only fear: the roses she planted long ago to kill her rival in power, roses that have suddenly sprung up in the garden of her daughter, Lady Mara.

For all of her young life, Lady Mara has been plagued with nightmares brought on by the strange cries echoing up through the labyrinthine stairways and vaults of the ancient castle in which she lives. When, at age 16, she finally discovers their origin, the bloodcurdling secrets of the beautiful Countess Orzsebet are dragged out into the light of day. Murder, chaos and war break out, opening the way for the long-exiled Royal Zsarkany to return.

Lady Mara moves through lush, mysterious, highly imaginative settings, Magnificent chambers, winding corridors, and secret gardens take Lady Mara along unpredictable twists and turns toward the horrific core of the mystery. Occultism, politics, and religion engage in the ageless struggle between good and evil in this engrossing Gothic Fantasy.

Enter the remote castle nestled in a green crater on the Mountain of the Moon in war-torn 17th century Hungary. Threatened by Ottoman armies without, and sorcery within, Lady Mara refuses to be seduced by evil’s dark splendor.

This is Book One of the Dark Reliquary Series.

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