Portrait of a Vampire

Portrait of a Vampire
Genres: Gothic Horror, Gothic Romance, Short Stories
ISBN: 0098
Obsession is a Vampire! "Every evening after work, Gina sensed his presence as an eerie, watery light that filled her apartment. The atmosphere pulled her under, into his mind, into his world. It was exhausting. Even after a full night's sleep, she couldn't wake from the dream... Perhaps, if she had something of him she would feel more grounded. She needed something real, like a picture of his face."
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About the Book

When Goth girl, Gina, meets the gorgeous, aristocratic Laurence, (who she affectionately calls Lorenzo), in a Seattle nightclub, he literally sweeps her off her feet. She knows it’s love, but he will not see her outside the club, will not take their relationship where she, and her friends, Amylie and Jen, long for it to go. After he dies, Gina becomes obsessed with painting his portrait—- especially when he returns from the grave to model for her….

A finely-crafted and entertaining dark satire
March 22, 2012
By Garth Von Buchholz
Format:Kindle Edition
I read Portrait of a Vampire and enjoyed it immensely. Alyne DeWinter has such a facility for creating rich, vivid and sensuous imagery, much like Oscar Wilde’s writing. It was a pleasure to read her well-designed phrases in the opening paragraphs. She also has a strong handle on structure, too. The story had great pacing and a well-devised plot architecture. I found it interesting that it was a dark satire about goth subculture…a kind of goth fairytale. Well done…it was a delight to read, and memorable, too.
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