The Lady in Yellow: To Be Available December 29th!

The Lady in Yellow

Revised and Expanded Edition to be Published at Amazon Kindle December 29, 2013!



A Gothic Romance with Teeth!

I wrote The Lady in Yellow as a novella and, in the interests of science, published it on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords in 2012. I had no idea what I was doing as publisher and was just testing the waters. But like all things Internet, things spread all over, including my publishing experiments.

The Lady got loads of downloads on Smashwords in one day! In three days well over 100. I was shocked and felt totally unprepared.

Reviews came in. Excellent reviews. The one criticism being that it was too short and should be developed.

Since I totally loved writing the novella, I embarked on expanding The Lady in Yellow. It had much more potential than I thought. It now is a full blown novel of over 100,000 words!

Just for you…

Victorian Gothic Romance with Wolves….


The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

Jane Eyre but Charlotte Bronte

Beauty and the Beast

Pre-Raphaelite painters and poets

Acient Grimoires

Victorian Spiritualism



This photgraph by Sir Simon Marsden of a mural at Chateau Villeneuve in France called The Lady in Yellow.




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