The Vampire’s Mirror Hits #1!

The Vampire’s Mirror Hits #1!


I am happy to announce that during my FREE Kindle book promotion, The Vampire’s Mirror hit #1 in Kindle and stayed there all day. It was #19 in all books and #10 in Gothic Romance in paid books!

This is pretty good, I’d say. I also got some amazing reviews.

This is the first major launch I’ve done for one my books on Amazon. The very first since I knew what I was doing. Paul Coleman of Book Pumper was a great help. He awarded me is invaluable assistance for free, taking my little novella to the top.

At the moment there are 5 Five Star reviews!

What are People Saying?

Pardon my braggadocio, but it is so exciting when people appreciate your work. I have to share a couple of  reviews.

An Old Fashioned Vampire Story

“The mirror possesses me.” Analise whispered…

Indeed, it does possess her. It all begins when a young nobleman, Stefan, enters the grounds of a cursed castle and picks up a mirror and comb. Unknown to him, they belonged to the Lady of Castle Drag, who died long ago. When Stefan gives the mirror to his betrothed, Lady Analise, she falls under the spell of the Lord of Castle Drag, the husband of the woman who owned the mirror and comb. A man, who became an evil creature when he returned from the war to find his wife dead. He now feeds on the blood of others. When Analise peers into the mirror, the Lord of Castle Drag is able to see her and she reminds him of his long dead wife.

This is a gothic style tale one that could have sprung from the Victorian age. A truly, old fashioned Vampire story. Though it has romance elements, it is not a romance, but I think most romance readers will like it. Smoothly written with a Victorian flair. The descriptions are exquisite, even poetic. It’s a short novella that can easily be finished in just a couple of hours. —– Cornelia Amiri

Exciting and Suspensful!

I really enjoy the way this author crafts a story. You feel like you are there watching every step of the way. Her rich descriptions paint a story that makes you see everything clearly, from ruined castles to lush forests. This is a story about a love triangle, but one of the participants is a vampire, so expect something really exciting. Highly recommended. —- Kat

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