Roses of the Moon: Cover Evolution!

lasrgersmashwords Cover image: Angela Holmes

Indie Publishing is a Learning Curve in Many Ways

Since the creative side of this endeavor is where my passion lies, I’m a bit slow to get in sync with the business side of publishing my own books. As a visual person, I can easily fall in love with a cover image that isn’t necessarily good at attracting readers to the book, or signaling to them what the book is really about. There are also limitations as far as models and royalty free images that force compromises in the cover design that may cause it to fall short of a writer’s vision for the book.

Marketers talk all the time about testing: pricing, blurbs, how much to give FREE. In many cases they might pit one cover design against another for instance to see which one gets more clicks. I know the color red always stands out, but have only recently learned from a marketing expert, about the power of the dot or spot  to attract the eye. I don;t know why this works, but suppose its like a bull-s eye for which we instinctively aim.

Readers Pick up a Book Because of its Cover.

My Historical Gothic Fantasy Roses of the Moon is the first book of the Dark Reliquary series. It is the story of an abused princess, Lady Mara, and how she triumphs over the evil that surrounds her. It is a deep book and has many layers of mythology, magic, fantasy, history, and coming of age drama in a world on the edge of chaos. The story demands an iconic image for its cover and this has not been easy to find. Though I love the original cover, it was a bit too idiosyncratic to appeal to most readers. So I commissioned a new one for Angela Holmes and feel we have come up with an image of Lady Mara that is young, mysterious, and poised on the brink of adulthood. She is very sensitive to the psychic effects of the moon and the roses so mysteriously feared by her mother, the beautiful sorceress, Countess Orzsebet.

Cover art has a huge impact on sales. It is the packaging that must entice the reader to open the cover and look further. There are many subtle items that will do that. One I learned from a marketer is to have somewhere in the image, a dot. That will attract the eye…

So we shall see what happens and I shall report the results.

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