Glorious Gothic Literature: A Progression in Video

Glorious Gothic Literature: A Progression in Video

These three videos show the chronological progression of Gothic Literature form Horace Walpole, author of The Castle of Otranto, to Anne Rice, Stephen King, and others. Watch in full screen mode to appreciate the video creator’s choices of magnificent artwork.

Watching this progression gives greater insight into the developments of the Gothic genre, from passionate tales of Romance, like Wuthering Heights to the ever increasing darkness of Hell House.

As a fan of the older style of the Brontes and even Shakespeare, I find some developments disturbing, bringing to mind the Eyes Wide Shut kind of world where one wonders if this is really fantasy… or not.

I would love the second path to be shown: Jane Eyre of Charlotte Bronte, Rebecca of Daphne DuMarurier
The works of Tanith Lee and The Bloody Chamber of Angela Carter.

Maybe I’ll have to make it myself.

Gothic Novels (1 of 3)

Gothic Novels (2 of 3)

Gothic Novels (3 of 3)


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    • It getting broader again I think because of digital publishing. It takes away the need to target shelves of books. This is good because I like to cross genres. Readers aren’t so narrow in their tastes really… 🙂

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