New Cover for a New Lady in Yellow

New Cover for a New Lady in Yellow


It was a long, slow journey to Belden House. As the train chugged slowly northward, Veronica felt as if she were travelling to some far off country, a wild nether region of tree lines and shadows at the far end of the world. The industrial clutter of the city gradually gave way to flowering meadows, rolling, green hills, and wild, open moorland under a darkening sky. Who would have thought the land could be so empty, that she could feel so alone?

Like the train, the long, slow Revision goes on….

Many of you know I have been revising and expanding my Victorian Gothic Novel The Lady in Yellow from novella to full novel length. It was a fun book to write and is fun to expand, bring out more backstory and deepening the romance element between my heroine Veronica Everly and her handsome employer, Rafe de Grimston. I have also increased the suspense by waiting longer to reveal the dark family secret.

Its no mystery to the reader that the de Grimston’s are cursed with lycanthropy, but it is to Veronica. But the reader shares in the menace because non one knows the secret of the lady in yellow until the very end.

I originally intended The Lady in Yellow to be a short story. The novella seemed very long already, but my initial readers left reviews, mostly on Smashwords, suggesting that I should develop the story and characters more, especially the romantic potential. Giving more backstory about the wolf girl also throws a menacing shadow over Veronica’s discoveries as they unfold.

I thought I could have this revision finished by February 1, but as with most projects, it is taking longer. We want it to be good! I am aiming now for a march re-release. I hope you will check in and give it read.



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