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Set in early 17th century Hungary under the dark cloud of looming invasion by the Turks, Roses of the Moon is a literary tour-de-force, a fairytale set in a dark time and place where epic forces of evil seem set on annihilating all that is good in Mara’s world.  As a lonely young girl, Mara comes of age in a secluded castle tower, her devoted nurse her only friend.  Timid and neglected, little Mara spends her early years enduring heartbreak and disturbing dreams, terrorized by mysterious night sounds rising through the castle walls.  An inner strength and goodness fortify Mara as she emerges from these difficult years to take control of her life as a feisty teen, defying the conventions of her restrictive upbringing.

Determined to learn the dark secrets of the castle and confront the evil forces gathering around her, Mara sets out on a mission of discovery. Why do the women from the village keep disappearing?  Why is she drawn to the roses in the castle garden that grow under the glow of the moon?  Why does her mother, the beautiful Countess Orzsebet , treat her with such contempt? Will she be forced into a loveless marriage in order to secure an alliance for her noble family? What is she to do with her wayward heart whenever she is in the presence of Szander, the handsome young hussar? And what mysteries lie within the innermost curtain wall where the golden Lucifer tree sheds its luminous flowers?

With Roses of the Moon, Ms. De Winter has crafted a beautiful and compelling coming-of-age tale in a lavishly-created world where hints of supernatural horrors slowly reveal themselves within the walls of a gingerbread castle.  The writing, which is crisp and gorgeous, lovingly describes Mara’s world with both broad and nuanced strokes of lush prose. With its cast of unforgettable characters and apocalyptic themes of good versus evil, this book pulls you in and doesn’t let you go.  You will be turning the pages far into the night, and you will fall in love with Mara.  

Created as the first installment of what is to be an epic series, Roses of the Moon holds its own as a stand-alone novel, and is sure to become a classic.


Cheryl Nance


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