On Kindle Today: The Roses of the Moon I: Mara

The personal story of Countess Bathory was thought to have been lost forever, walled up in a dark tower to die with her, leaving only the breath of high scandal on the wind. But her secret life was not lost. Her previously unknown daughter, Mara, preserved her mother’s memory in the guise of the enigmatic Countess Orzebet, the most beautiful woman in the world, and mistress of the Black Arts.

The tale that Mara tells is legendary, but there is an underground stream. Here are mysteries revealed, secrets told, and masks stripped away as the daughter of the seven-headed dragon, the Bloody Countess, steps through a magical triptych of darkness into the light.

“Out of the windy night came a scream.

What is happening in the Countess’s chambers?

“I do not wish to remember…”

In the mountains of Royal Hungary, in a castle as old as time, Mara records a courtly life, a Danse Macabre winding through the shadowy realms between good and evil, reality and illusion, love and dark deception…


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Cover Design Credits:

Model Credit to  http://la-chatte-noire.deviantart.com/

Cover designed by  Angela Holmes at:  http://www.romancenovelcenter.com/angelaholmes

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