Rosewolf and the Last Wolves in Britain

Rosewolf and the Last Wolves in Britain

My soon to be released YA novel, Rosewolf, takes place in Somerset, England in 1927, a year when there was a huge snowstorm. There have no wolves in Britain since the 15th century. But the wolves in Rosewolf are not creations of God.

The Last Wolves in Scotland

On Ederachillis’ shore

The grey wolf lies in wait-

Woe to the broken door,

Woe to the loosened gate,

And the groping wretch whom sleety fogs

On the trackless moor belate.

The lean and hungry wolf,

With his fangs so sharp and white,

His starveling body pinched

By the frost of a northern night,

And his pitiless eyes that scare the dark

With their green and threatening light.

He climeth the guarding dyke,

He leapeth the hurdle bars,

He steals the sheep from the pen,

And the fish from the boat-house spars,

And the digs the dead from out of the sod,

And gnaws them under the stars.

Thus every grave we dug

The hungry wolf uptore,

And every morn the sod

Was strewn with bones and gore:

Our mother-earth had denied us rest

On Ederchaillis’ shore.

The Book of Highland Minstrelsy, 1846


 Please be aware that this is not a demonization of real wolves.  But there was a time when wolves traveled the forest paths in great numbers were a true danger to humans. And imagine their worst fear: a starving wolf with a human intelligence.
This is why the werewolf is such a powerful monster, and so much fun to work with in fiction.

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