Rosewolf Cover Art: First Drafts

Rosewolf Cover Art: First Drafts

YA Gothic Fantasy to be Released at Halloween on Amazon Kindle!

I am excited to share these beautiful images of 13year old Rose Tamlyn standing in front of Winterslewe where she will slowly by changed until she is a werewolf. Notice her wolf paw.

At the climax of the novel, Rose comes home after her initiation at the Werewolf Ball. Now she is a flu-fledged werewolf.

This is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see how these images evolve! Angela Holmes has really captured the essence of this story.


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    • Hi Nancy! I don;t know who Rose McGowan is! This Rosewolf book was written in 2001. It needs work and I haven’t gotten to it yet because it needs a new vision and its taken all this time to figure that out. Its near and dear to my heart so it will emerge. The cover for the book shows a model of Catherine Tarawhiti. I thought the book was ready when I had it done, but it wasn’t. I’m really ready to get in in the saddle again—so watch out! lol!

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