Dark Reliquary Series: Roses of the Moon New Cover!

Custom Book Cover Alyne 2 Official-1


Since I am moving forward on completing this series, I decided I needed covers that go together. Like DUH! It took years for a model who looks like Lady Mara to come up. Now she has. Now Mara can look at you. She even has a fringe to cover the light that shines from her brow—an inheritance from her Dragon Queen lineage.

Book Two will be The Lucifer Tree which refers not only to the mysterious tree inside the wall-without-a-door in the heart of Castle Szepasszony where Lady Mara lives in the ruins and myst flee for her life.

Book Three—I am not sure if the title will be Queen of the Hidden Sun, or The Hidden One. I’ll have to finish it to be sure. In this one Mara has fled to the Romanian castle of Princess Borbala. There she meets, not only the half mad Princess, but Bela who has become a powerful Alchemist. Here, Mara diecovers the deepest magical secrets of her family and her true identity.

Book Four will be The Moonstone. It takes place in the contemporary times. Anna, a Hungarian girl in the London Goth scene meets a young antiques dealer, Sebastian, who has come into possession of a moonstone of great value. This find leads her back home to the Mountain of the Moon where she confronts her ancient vampyric ancestors.

Here is the Prequel cover—Dark Reliquary: Prelude to Roses of the Moon that gives some backstory to Mara’s arcane world.

Custom Book Cover Alyne Official Ebook


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