Works in Progress: 2014 Planned Releases!

Yay! I have finally solidifed my publishing schedule for 2014!

It’s difficult for me to plan in advance since I never know how long a project will actually take. I am a bit slow because I have to work a day job and take care of my health—-don’t want to go the way of all writers… ahem! And life’s little challenges, of course…

I also don’t want to put a book out before its really ready. Got burned on that the first time out. (I did learn a lot though publishing those novellas. Due to reader feedback, The Lady in Yellow is now my best-selling novel and Memento Mori became The Haunted Garden: Secret of the Memento Mori, a full-length novel as well.) I could always tell when an author was writing to a deadline and not quite making it, because the endings seemed to be skimpier, or plot elements not as well thought-out as the books that made them famous. Or: the lousy sequel syndrome.

But, I digress… Here we go:

Dark Reliquary: Prelude to Roses of the Moon


Custom Book Cover Alyne Official Ebook

This Dark Fantasy of the Dragon Queens that work behind the scenes in Roses of the Moon, details the story of the Old Countess, Anastasia, and her tragic demise. She ruled on the Mountain on the Moon prior to the arrival of Countess Orzsebet, mother of Lady Mara, young protagonist of Roses of the Moon who must try to stay true to hereslf in a world distorted by evil. It also reveals the dangers of roses and the moon to Mara’s ancestresses, and what the nature of the light that shines around their heads really means.

This will be two volumes done out of this five part epic fantasy.

Also look for a new cover for Roses of the Moon that is more in keeping with Dark Reliquary as a series.


Dominion of Dreams: Gothic Faery Tales

Dominion of Dreams-1

This collection of short stories, many previously published in print or on blogs, is an extension of my other blog: Gothic Faery Tales. Some of these stories were begun on there and developed from those drafts.

We have: Drumroll please!

Thirteen: Red Riding Hood

The Keys: Bluebeard with Zombies

Lenore: Beauty and the Beast

Dollies: Cinderella

Roses, Briars and Blood: Sleeping Beauty ( due for a revision, so it will not duplicate the current version.)

The Endless Sea: Celtic Tale of the Selkie.

Due to a highly educated Scottish beta reader, The Endless Sea grew from short story to novella and will be developed into a full-length novel in the future. It has turned out to be very powerful.

Amazon’s algorithms like us to put something out at least every 3-4 months. Short pieces help us to do that because they don’t take as long to write. The Vampire’s Mirror started out as a short story and kept going. It has great reviews but hasn’t sold well. I think this is because its not Twilight related or erotica, though is has eroticism in it. It was also mis-catagorized, placing it amongst those kinds of books. I believe it has potential for traditional vampire fans, so plan a sequel, The Vampire’s Bride, and would like to get that out in 2014, God willing.


The Shadows


Terror in a remote English boarding school for girls, Blight’s Academy. But this is not the kind of thriller you expect. Fourteen year old Poppy FarrellĀ  is far too original and independent for that! The teenage characters may scream YA, but this book is meant for adult readers as well.

At Blight’s each incoming (freshman) girl is assigned a senior girl to be her mentor, her guide and her Shadow. So why is Poppy so uneasy? What is going on in the woods that spread for acres around the school? What is happening to her roommate, Clair, and why does she disappear? Why does the actress, Diana Harrow return to Blight’s to resurrect her failing career?

And the head mistress, Mrs. Wick, why does she carry that music box around?

This story began as a screenplay. Since I have no way to get it in front of producers, I decided to make it into a novel. It is proving to be really fun to write, and easier than most.


Look for these in late summer, fall and winter of 2014! I plan some giveaways and for those on my list, FREE copies of each e-book the minute they come out.

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