The Changeling (1980) Haunted in Seattle

I moved to Seattle in 1980, when it looked the way it does in this film, but I never saw such a house, nor did I know there was a Psychic Research department at the University of Washington. There was an awful lot of psychic activity going on there, though. It was in Seattle that I discovered that I wasn’t alone in my paranormal abilities. Believe it or not, despite its witchy folklore, Massachusetts was far more more traditional in these areas.

In this extremely suspenseful film, George C. Scott plays a concert pianist who loses his wife and daughter in a terrible car accident. He moves to Seattle to start a new life teaching music at the University of Washigton and composing new music. He finds a home in an historic mansion that has all the qualities that fans of Gothic tales adore: the mossy walls, looming towers, mansard roof, stained glass windows and a woodland setting.

In short order, our hero begins to hear things and see things that have no rational explantion. He explores the house and discovers evidence of a tragic event that involves the death of a child. In a powerfully recreated seance scene, with a believeable medium, he comes into contact with a very angry ghost.

I’ll stop there in fear of spoilers…..

So enjoy this film! We are lucky someone uploaded it.


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