The Mysterious Case of Putting the Cart Before the Horse



For those of you who are curious about where authors get their ideas, this is a perfect case. Searching for ideas for book covers I came across this pre-made one called Ghost in the Woods at Alchemy Book Covers. I don’t have a story for it yet, but the image plays in my mind—a sure sign that at some point, a story will emerge from the deep unconscious level of my imagination. It was only $35, so I decided I needed it for a future date and snatched it up.

Something in this image reminds me of my childhood—-a time when I read lots of mysterious ghost stories. I also grew up in the woods, filled with trees just the ones in the picture, cemetery trees.

Who knows what hauntings will appear in my mind one day when I least expect it? A story, perhaps an entire novel about a ghost in the woods….

If you’re looking for book covers, Alchemy Book Covers has some wonderful work.


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