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An Ancient Vampire Queen Seen Only Once in 1000 Years…

My Dark Epic Fantasy  Roses of the Moon is the first book in what was planned to be a 4 book series. After studying  what I need to do to sell more books and thus be able to make enough money to write more books and do it faster, the wisdom is to write a prequel or story related to the series that can be permanently free and hopefull draw readers into the rest of the series.

It took me a while to figure out what story to tell that I hadn’t already planned to tell in the world of Roses of the Moon: a labyrithine castle on a remote mountain in 16-17th century Royal Hungary, a realm of dark magic ruled by the ancient Dragon Queens, daughters of Lucifer and the Scarlet Queen.

Enbedded in Roses of the Moon is the tale of the Old Countess Anastasia, predecessor of Countess Orzsebet, the evil mother of my heroine Lady Mara. It’s an intriguing story and provides an atmospheric backstory to Roses of the Moon.

I thought this would be a short work, a novella. but the first draft is already the legnth of a full novel and filling in the “holes” will easily make it twice as long. So you will getting a full 100,000 word novel for free full of intrigue, romance, betrayal and vampires as the power of good struggles to take root in an evil world.

This story is turning out to be downright Shakespearean in its dark and light emotional clashes and dire consquences. I’m no Shakespeare, but I have surprised myself in the depths this story has plunged.

If Im good, this will be out by October. If I’m very good, somewhat sooner. These things always take longer than I think they will.

In the meantime, look for a short story collection: The Dominion of Dreams and another short work—I’m thinking of a sequel to The Vampire’s Mirror.

Cover design: Laura Gordon from a photo by Cathleen Tarawhiti





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