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Paranormal Romance

Memento Mori

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This book was originally a short story I wrote in 2003, then was self published as a novella in 2012. A few positive reviews convinced me to expand it to novel length. I was happy to discover that the story and characters had enough depth to grow into a full novel.

Originally inpsired by the Eyam plague in 1666, this tale also owes some of its mystery to Alain Fournier’s The Wanderer, the German silent film Nosferatu, the Pre-Raphaelites, Poe and my studies in Medieval Art.

The protagonist is not some six-pack abbed stud, nor is the ghost a warrior princess. Popular as those kinds of characters are,  I don’t personally believe in people like that. My hero, Simon, is an artist, a quiet, imaginative young man who sees ghosts. My heroine is a ghost who died at age sixteen waiting in a plague-infested village for her true love to arrive. But she isn’t all peaches and cream…

The story may begin a bit slowly for some readers because I wanted Simon to get good and lost in the Pennines and find his way into a kind of Otherworld, far from civilzation. There he meets Lara, a young woman, inspired by the 1960s Alexandrian witch queen, Maxine Sanders, who initiates Simon into the history of the village of Whynnesmere and its primary ghost, Suzanne Montmorency, who seems to devour young men. Simon is haunted before he arrives at Whynnsemere, and is haunted more deeply the instant he steps foot over its boundaries. This haunting infuses him, changes him and stalks him back to London where he hopes to reconcile with his girlfriend, Monica, who dumped him for another man.

As a born and trained clairvoyant, I wanted to write a truly psychic story. The psychic events in this story are authentic. Its effects as hallucinatory as a vivid dream.

If you’re looking for something different, give this one a try. Its the product of many years of research, craft, and love.

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Memento Mori: Time Travel, Art, and a Ghostly Lover



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