Memento Mori: Time Travel, Art and a Ghostly Lover

Available March 4th!


MementoMori03 copy

From 1666 to 1966.

London art student, Simon Beaumont has been haunted all his life by dreams of a mysterious dark haired girl in a long white dress. When he is unceremoniously dumped hi muse girlfriend, Monica Lee, he embarks on a journey of self discovery.

Wandering in the Pennine Mountains hoping to die a glorious death for love, he stumbles into a ruined garden. There, in the night,  he finds a mysterious mansion and walking up and down on the balcony, is the girl from his dreams. When daylight dawns he finds himself in a village that time seems to have forgotten. A young woman called Lara takes him under her wing and initiates Simon into mysteries so intense, that he is changed forever.

Who is the man Simon sees in the mirror? Who is the dark haired girl in the long white dress? And why are they haunting him?


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