It’s Here! The New Lady in Yellow!

Now, on the Feast of Epiphany, or Old Christmas, The Lady in Yellow is published!

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I missed my first deadline, but made my second one. Not too bad for an Indie, is it? After all, I create my own deadlines.

It’s still a very serious thing. I hate to be a disappointment…

25,ooo word Novella is, one year later, a 150,000 word Novel—So Get Steeped!

This is a book about shape shifters, so why not?

I was a amazed at what my beta reader,  filmmaker Katy Planchette, had to say as she was hunting for typoes:

“Your story is gyhijfghnk there are no words! Soooo much progress and growth since that first draft.  It all connects properly now.

I’m about a fifth of the way done on my check for typos but it’s hard seeing as I keep getting so involved in the story and want to read on quicker!!!

It’s so wonderful…also when he comes on horseback it reminds me of Eyes Wide Shut at the party…

Jane Eyre is my favorite novel and this is sioooo a modern day Jane Eyre but originally reconstructed..what a selling point too…you have NAILED IT!!!!!!!!

I really think that if you got hit by a bus tomorrow you could die happy because you have contributed a truly beautiful, inspiring meaningful and challenging, in a way, piece of art…

It is the culmination of a life’s work soooooo amazing!!!!!!

I am lucky I even know you! Also it even has the Twilight element of the unattainable guy coming round just for the girl… ”

Eyes Wide Shut? Jane Eyre? Twilight?

I don’t get the Eyes Wide Shut thing, but is this resonates with you, don’t you think you should Buy This Book?




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